How to valet your car by best way

Keep your car clean by a professional valeting job bringing this look of sympathy for the appearance, moreover it also contributes to the protection from corrosion and oxidation. Regular maintenance work, you’ll always make sure to preserve your car in the best condition.

Some basic tools needed equipment

To valet your car, you need to prepare some typical aids such as Russia, fabrics from old T-shirts or glass fabric, silicone oil spray, soft brush, the best vacuum cleaner for detailing

Washing the car

Washing the car

Pressure wash

A regular job to pay heed to preserve the look of the car. Typically, car washing by hand instead of using jet will bring greater efficiency. By comparison, you can observe every detail and easy to see the scratches, dents and timely repair. Wetting the entire surface of the car with water. Then use soft sponge or soft cloth and cleaning chemicals suitable for your car paint. Rub around the plate the car, truck, car and wipe once upon opening around the door, even those less exposed areas, and the boot sector – where a lot of dust and dirt accumulation. In addition, when using pressure nozzles, you can remove dirt on the surface after using scrub sponge around.


After you wash the entire surface, especially the broken car, you should continue to apply good quality wax to protect the car perfectly. Some popular products, such as HD Autoglym Wax. Durable surface dried whole instead of losing time waiting to fly over water, use a soft cloth to wipe around. The best way to dry a car quickly, instead of losing the meantime, you can use two types of cloth in his hands, a small fiber yarns a large enough size and quality ensure good fabric.One for drying and one for finishing.. A small note on the conditions of use, which is that you should limit the use of wax in high temperature conditions, hot weather. If you do not pay attention to this factor, the product will dry out faster and more difficult to remove. If you do not have time to waxing the whole car, you can use a temporary alternative solution by waxing in the front area.

Interior cleaning

Besides focusing on the appearance of the car, you need to pay attention to the car’s interior clean because this is the area that you regularly contact. Especially some noteworthy areas such as:

Interior cleaning Car Vacuum

Vacuuming a car

  • The control panel should be cleaned with dry cloth, soft, pay attention to every little detail, however, the wheel area you should not touch more to ensure the safety factor.
  • Car Seats: Often used a vacuum cleaner to clean the area, however it does not completely remove all stains. Therefore, you should use a number of tools to support such small brush to rub the stains by loosening, cleaning with special chemicals, note carefully read the user manual before the test. Before continuing to use, you should make sure that the seat has been dried to avoid chemicals stick to skin irritation. The most appropriate time to do sacg car upholstery is in summer, when the temperature increases, the ability of evaporation and drying also takes place faster. Using hand-held vacuum cleaner to achieve the best performance.

Interior cleaning

  • Footwells: Unable to make sure that your shoe dirt does not stick before stepping into the car, so the pedal area very dirty and corrosive, it should be upgraded with the appropriate method from the service professional service.
  • Windows: You use wax and polish on painted surfaces, however, ignored this area. When you want to remove stains on the window, you should avoid water streaks left behind because it smudged and obstructing vision. Especially should absolutely avoid the use of wax on the windshield. Then use microfiber cloth, wipe the moisture to turn and wipe off with a dry cloth.
  • The wheel is the area most impurities stick, so you need to note in cleaning to avoid the dust and prevents damage by braking. The next time you will spend less time in cleaning it.


If you maintain doing this job regularly, you’ll always make sure to preserve your car in the best condition.

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